Places To Visit While In Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore is the biggest city in Maryland and with such a title, it does not disappoint when it comes to its amenities and resources. Baltimore offers various activities and attractions that both locals and visitors can take delight in. The city’s landscape and architecture are especially suited for recreational, sporting and cultural activities. You can really have a good time while in Baltimore, you just need to know the right places to visit.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

If you are a baseball lover, you will be glad to hear this is home to the Baltimore Orioles. Baltimore has also gone down history as home to Babe Ruth, the most legendary baseball hero of all time. Outside the park, there is a Babe Ruth statue that is a popular photo stop. You can catch a game and get to celebrate, cheer and jeer with the thousands of fans who fill the stadium. You can also roam around Oriole Park to get a behind the scenes experience in the dugout, press box, and other club facilities.

M & T Stadium

M & T Stadium is the home ground of Baltimore Ravens NFL football team. For football lovers, this stadium is quite something to gaze upon and the adoring die-hard football fans flock the stadium in thousands to witness the drama and thrill on any given matchday. It also hosts music concerts and other elite functions during the off–season. The entire stadium is cloaked in the default color of the team: purple.

Lexington Market

Founded back in 1782, Lexington Market is not your ordinary market. It is the oldest existing market in the United States and has served the people of Baltimore for centuries and still growing strong. It supplies some products that are not available anywhere else showing just how unique this place is. For locals, the heritage this market possesses is carried with a sense of pride considering their forefathers literally walked the same grounds as they do now. It is located in the downtown region just blocks away from Oriole Park.

After you are done with a busy day of sightseeing, you can catch a beautiful sunset view from the Inner Harbor that will really leave an impression. Baltimore is a great city to tour and you may want to stay in the hotspot area which is downtown. This part of town is quite lively as you will find all the best restaurants, stadiums, entertainment options and attractions concentrated in the same area.